Why this blog?

Privet fellow readers! (author’s note: if you’re reading this blog you should know PRIVET means hello in my native language, that is, Russian)

This blog aims at all those people that both have never been to Russia and want to learn more about it or those who have been and simply wish to refresh their nostalgic memories…but don’t think of this as a travel guide or anything similar. I am a Russian living abroad for years and occasionally stumble upon curious strangers that ask me all sorts of questions when they find out I’m Russian. In this blog, I want to clarify some myths about Russia and its people, since foreigners have a weird and sometimes creepy perception of us… There are so many generalizations and stereotypes! Every country is plagued by inaccurate stereotypes, and Russia is no exception.

No, we do not guzzle vodka on a regular basis. No, Russia is not always cold. No, women are not mail-order brides. No, we are not Communists. No, there are no bears running around the streets. No, we do not all know how to play the balalaika. No, we are not rude (although sometimes we can be…). No, the KGB is not watching you. No, I do not own a shapka-ushanka (Russian fur hat). No, we are not all proffessional ballet dancers. No, I am not part of the mafia.

I hope all of you know that contemporary life in Russia has very little to do with playing the balalaika amidst matrioshkas and samovars, or wild rushing in sleighs driven by troika (three horses harnessed shoulder to shoulder) along the streets where bears supposedly wander.

Although most of these are just jokes, some people actually believe them…insane much? To finish off this post (my fingers are getting frozen from the coldness of my heart so I will go chill in my banya) Russia is still a place that continues to mystify people, and has people laughing about Soviet-era stereotypes and jokes. With this blog I want to go into the deepest corners of Russia’s soul, reflecting its authenticity and distinct culture, setting aside all misconceptions people may have about it.

If you’re going to read my blog – thank you in advance, or simply a warm-hearted spasibo.


  1. I am glad to have stumbled across your blog…and look forward to reading more. Bears in the streets of Moscow are as real as the lions in Johannesburg – so you’ve got my sympathy! Blog on…I’ll read.

  2. Hi! Just stumbled across your site : ) Congrats on the awesome work!!!! You’re right- outsiders have always been and will always be fascinated by all things Russia. I think you’re on to a very good thing with this blog!

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