Winter Wonderland

It’s very tempting to hibernate during Moscow’s big freeze, but actually this is the most magical time of the year to explore the capital. I mean come on guys! Winter is fun! I know lots of people think Russia is all cold and grey…but that’s not all to it. By the way, y’all should keep in mind that summer does exist in Russia, and it gets pretty hot indeed O.O

Although Moscow’s legendary cold scares away tourists, it’s actually an attraction. Who doesn’t agree that shining snow crystals, seasonal ice rinks and over-decorated New Year’s trees on the streets of Moscow are far more interesting than the sweaty summer crowds? Moscow has a sort of wintry charm. I love it. I’ve been in Moscow both during winter and summer, and although I must say that summer was much more pleasant and comfortable…winter was epic, magical, and mesmerizing. Snowy walks can leave you breathless…sometimes literally…

The first of winter is usually not too nice, constantly snowing, nonstop with gray colorless skies. The weather is not very inviting to go outside, and sometimes you just feel like staying in your cozy apartment all day, sipping coffee and eating pancakes! But the real beauty comes afterwards, sometime from mid-January till the end of winter, the weather gets a lot better. It’s still pretty much freezing, but the snow has ended, and the sun comes out. The weather stays this way until spring comes and the melting snow floods the streets, which can be pretty annoying sometimes, cause there’s mud everywhere. In my opinion, a bright shining sunny sky reflecting on the snow is a very beautiful sight. Pushkin, a famous Russian poet had once said, “Мороз и солнце – день чудесный” (meaning “Cold and sun – a wonderful day”). I must agree with him…wise man he was.

Have you ever wondered how Russians survive winter? Is there any secret to surviving Russian winter? There probably is, and it’s – common sense. If you use common sense and dress warmly, in layers, long underwear, wool socks, stockings, good thick winter boots made for walking on ice, thick pants, thick woolen shirt, large jacket, hat with ear flaps, gloves, and finally a scarf! Well if you don’t forget to wear any of that, then you’re good. You’re set. You are now qualified to endure through our long evil winters. mwahaha.

Russians absolutely love outdoor family activities. There’s a plethora of ice-skaters, skiers, sledders, and ice sculptures. Ice sculptures are really a sight! Unfortunately, they are temporary art pieces waiting till springtime comes, which is when they melt away. In winter, you can find ice sculptures all over Moscow along with ice sculpturing competitions. I got a chance to visit an exhibition with these sculptures in one of the capital’s famous parks, Gorky Park. They were true works of art.

To wrap up, it’s really impossible to fully grasp what Russian winter is – without having lived through it. Therefore, if any of you ever have a chance, swing by. Have a nice day and please comment on my post, I love hearing from you guys!

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