The Perks of Being a Famous Blogger

I always ask myself, do I want to write, OR do I want to be a famous blogger?

I love writing…but the idea of being read by a large audience thrills me. Wrong or not, I strongly desire to be freshly pressed one day. Last night I had a dream about it. I dreamt that I was freshly pressed – featured on the home page of wordpress, thus triggering a billion visits, likes, follows, and comments. It felt so real, to the point that I woke up convinced it was true. But no, it wasn’t my turn to be overwhelmed with happiness. There is a saying that goes like this, “Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do it.” Well, in my eyes I’ve done both. I stayed awake and dreamt. I dreamt and stayed awake. Nonetheless, the e-mail titled “Congratulations you’ve been Freshly Pressed” never came.

So, how is it that you become a famous blogger? According to the following cartoon, there are two main routes:

Ha. I wish. I’m nowhere near becoming famous. Not even my friends read my blog. Family members mostly…two of them. My boyfriend. Maybe one other friend. A couple of nice bloggers. Another couple of curious googlers. According to Google Webmaster Tools, they google stuff like, I love vodka, Russian vodka, pliny the elder beer, village women bathing in pond, russia funny, coca cola vintage cooler, typical russian women, shoulder jokes, sad old man, balalaika apple, lovely love, banya sex, Scarlett Johansson nude, among others. Who knows, maybe if I start “writing” about those topics, people would actually “read” my blog more often. I mean, who wouldn’t want to “read” about nude Scarlett Johansson bathing in a pond? Or a sad old man playing the balalaika while making lovely love in the banya? I’m pretty sure that could boost up my traffic. I don’t know if it would get me freshly pressed, but I would definitely have more clicks from Google.

“When you are picking a hobby, a job, or simply looking for something that interests you, make your decision with the assumption that you will not receive any fame, fortune, or recognition for your hard work, other than the enjoyment of the hobby itself.” (The Forward Mind)

That is exactly my goal. I plan to continue writing about boring Russian poets and Russian culture. ‘Cause afterall, that is what I’m passionate about. I know I would probably be better off writing about popular winter boots this season, or a tutorial on how to find a good Russian wife online, but forget about that. I’m gonna write about Pushkin. Why can’t nerdy be trendy? I heard it was in. I mean, it’s quite popular to dress up like a sexy nerd for Halloween… so it must be in… riiiight? *crosses fingers*

As Churchill once said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Thus, keep walking kitten. You’ve got a long road ahead of you.


  1. I think.. i dont mind what people want me to write, see which topic that made people look for my blog from the stats. Because for me, famous is only one word that will continue people who stand to write what they want and love to write :D

      1. Yeah.. the most important :))

        Out of the topic, btw, last night i invited to cultural night in Russian center for Science and culture in my country. Your country’s culture is really cool. i really enjoy the Russian culture show and Russian foods for dinner :D

  2. I actually had fun reading this post! And would it count if I nominate this post to be on Freshly Pressed?

  3. You could set-up your own Alternative Freshly Pressed site and include ALL the posts you like – and even have some pseudonyms…! Seriously though,,,you write beautifully, and the subject matter chosen is ALWAYS intriguing – Please don’t write about fashionable fuzzy fur boots…even if Scarlett wears them while bathing…
    And pity the poor WordPress staffer, who has to choose that Freshly Pressed site before his/her coffee break in 5 minutes…they don’t always make the exact same choice we would…..

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I actually liked the idea of writing about nude Scarlett bathing in fashionable fuzzy fur boots….I’m gonna do my research on the topic. Hahah just kidding! Scarlett you ain’t getting lucky any time soon ;)

  4. I enjoyed this read, and I like the perspective of just writing and not thinking about going for Freshly Pressed. It’d be out of the blue if someone thought it was worth pressing then.

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