Where art thou, my muse?

Dear readers, I have been receiving complaints of my blogging unproductiveness.. but what do you write about when your muse is missing?!? Her lacking presence seems to have left me dried. I’ve got things to write about, but I don’t feel like it, I have a particular difficulty of spitting out words and forming sentences.

A problem, indeed. Well, what is it that a writer like me does to get inspired for a Russia-themed post? Yeah, apart from typing Russia into tumblr’s search box and scrolling infinitely in hopes of secretly adapting someone else’s brilliant idea… which by the way, hasn’t really been paying off, hence I’m stuck with my own lame ideas. Sorry, that’s what you get if you’re my follower, or if you are one of those wordpressers that were seduced by the exciting tags I have added! Meh, nothing here, nothing at all…

Well, one of the things that usually helps me get rid of my brain gas is music. Songs simply help me set the mood, preferably Russian. As the ritual goes, I suck out the culturally rich and inspiring content out of the fusion of melody and lyrics, and make myself a highly inspiring and successful post……

Although I am a child of the 90’s, I feel incredibly identified with Russian folklore and Soviet songs. A whisper inside of me tells me that all of this reminiscence is closely tied to our roots and the culture we were brought up in. However, I am no philosopher, so don’t take my clumsy deductions for facts. Causing an unexplainable passion, particular music from my native land can even bring moist to my eyes… But it shouldn’t only apply to music from our home country, because when I watched Woody Allen’s, To Rome with Love, the opening soundtrack caused me odd emotions – Nel blu, dipinto di blu more commonly known as Volare by the Italian singer Domenico Modugno. I felt as though I have been listening to that song millions, even billions of times – it sounded so familiar… but in reality I don’t even know when or how I could have listened to it. I guess it’s just one of those things that stays deep in our memories, and from there comes the strongest nostalgia.

Now it’s time to show you two songs; one folkloric, the other Soviet, an enchanting love song. It is in these songs that I am going to search inspiration for my next posts. Fasten your seat belts, cause we’re on for a riiide. Whoever still wasn’t completely immersed from head to toe into my blog, will now be… because music makes everything much better, when words become superfluous.

Enjoy my blog’s background music, while it lasts.

Alla Pugacheva’s Million of Scarlet Roses with lyrics,

There once lived a painter,
He had a house and his paintings.
He was in love with an actress,
And that actress loved flowers.
Then he sold his house,
Sold his paintings too
And with that money he bought
A whole sea of flowers.

Million, million,
Million of red roses
From your window, from your window
From your window you can see,
Who’s in love, who’s in love
Who’s crazy in love with you,
My whole life for you
I will turn into flowers…


  1. I guess you need to dip back into the Weekly Writing Challenge again, and make the themes Russian. I really hate doing this – ‘camping on a blog’ like this when you have better things to do than read comments, but my last idea is that you guest pot here and there. Never done it -it seems to work well. Guest post on my blog and do something fun or a tease – whatever about Russia you would not usually do, like about Pussy Riot or something (well, she is quite stunning you know, thatNadhezda, and wonderfully stubborn!) and link back here. That might get you thinking in different ways – and get a heavier chain on your muse next time…anyway – do it! Don’t back out..I’ve been reading about all kinds of successful blog collaborations on WordPress..

    1. You’re mistaken, I love it when people camp on my blog.

      Wow…. thanks for commenting all of that, I promise I’ll give the ‘guest post’ some thought. I must admit I’m really flattered by your help and wonderful ideas. It’s funny but I was actually thinking of writing about the Pussy Riot some time back, but then in my mind I was just like… nah… I don’t want to go mainstream, since the entire Internet was filled with updates and articles on the Pussy Riot issue. But I guess it could work for a change ;)

      I really liked the writing verse idea! It’s definitely different and something I’ve wanted to try. Guess what I’ve always been missing is a lil bit of courage, but I think you’re helping me with that :) It’s always nice to have someone pondering on your humble blog – I really appreciate it, Pirate, means a lot lot lottt.

      P.S. Oh, and Vladimir Vysotsky, we must not leave him out of my blog!

      1. Just a quick reply as too many words do clutter – met some really good writers on WordPress & don’t want any to fade away – Pussy Riot stuff written by you would be a new perspective. Try your first WordPress poem as a Guest Post on my blog (or better still on Esenga’s- I feel she’d strongly go for it) then you contain risk while having an audience, for example. Writers work uniquely alone, but there is a community of sorts. Don’t think too much about it……!

          1. Write 2 – please..you’ll be able to express yourself in two different ways, and contrast styles/topics – then guest post on both Esenga and my blog to test it with an audience that’s not yours naturally. Esenga pulls in many followers so should be nice in the long run too. Esenga is a very good friend so I’m not just saying strange things – but the dual poetry, both at same time, is a good idea – and all will link back.

          2. Oh dear..back again..just to add..your words are aromatic like pampas grass ..and here’s my secret..not really keen on writing poetry…never used to and only have these last couple of months. But I find it relaxing and fun, and sometimes it seems to be sincere to me. It certainly helps to focus for writing later – so that’s why I suggested similar for you..at first I didn’t like so much thinking for so few lines, but now can see it is nice to get it right, or to where I want it to go. The poem never ends where it started, if you see what I mean..

  2. Ah ma cher..but you cleverly pose a challenge that I accept! …Allow me to temporarily step in with suggestions,and if I may, my first suggestion is that you garner suggestions from far and wide on WordPress, of what people might love to hear about Russia.
    I think a few words about not one, but a handful of Russian people who have greatly influenced both you, and Russia over the years might be interesting… I do wonder how deep Vladimir Vysotsky’s role was in those Soviet years. I first heard his music on the street in Baku, and was utterly and totally transfixed – then his poetry was translated for me with a particularly mesmerising method involving a downstairs jazz club, Georgian wine and a beautiful, mysterious woman whose name always made me think of small bells tinkling in Siberian meadows – Yulviya, who read him in Russian then English while the jazz band played one or two of his songs..
    I’ll be sending a ‘dinner party tag post’ very soon anyway, as soon as I finish mine, so maybe such a post could be spun there.
    There are the proverbs and backgrounds that interest – though they may be a little dull to write.
    Try some verse – about Siberia or such maybe…stretch yourself a bit as a writer in doing so..there is the archtypical ”Moving to Russia? Here’s What You Will Love/Hate” post…
    I’m thinking…but it is difficult, as you are not in situ – onsite..maybe a touch more later..enough for now..

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