White Flames

With throbbing craving,
I hunt for you,
Beneath the wintry skies,
Tucked into the snow
Looking for your eyes.

Softly laying on the ground,
Under the birch tree’s shadow,
I lose my last of rationality
As I seek to draw your face…

But your face is pale, like winter
Your lips chilly, like frost
Your touch, paralyzing,
And your stare,
Trenchant, haunting.

Those emerald eyes,
In whose depths,
I so deeply desire to get lost,
Like a child, playing hide and seek,
Fearful of being caught.

Rationality flees me,
As I run away with my imagination,
Dancing among your thoughts,
Clenching onto your soul.

But my memories are weak,
As though
Caught in a blizzard,
Tell me, will I ever see you again?

I feel my heart freeze
As suddenly,
The still, winter air
Is replaced by a soft breeze.

It’s cold out here,
Tickling snowflakes land,
On my white skin,
Like electrifying kisses.

I look around and notice,
Your emerald eyes,
Moving slowly,
Across my body,
And a trace of a frozen tear,
On your once pale cheek.

This poem was originally published in Ye Pirate‘s blog. He was the one that encouraged me to try writing poetry, so I couldn’t have done it… if it weren’t for him. I now decided to publish it in my blog… just because I’m greedy and I wanted to steal some of the protagonism, but I will always be thankful for the space he gave me in his blog. Thank you Spasibo.


  1. I was just thinking how to transfer all the people who so enjoyed reading this timeless testimony you wrote to your blog. This poem, I feel, has a Siberian feel to it.
    Note to readers – please don’t let Innamazing fool you about the pirate, she wrote the beautiful verse despite his attempted interference, not because of it – really!

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