When trees were huge and I was small

Today I woke up feeling nostalgic for all those stories I wrote as a little kid. Yes, I loved writing from my early ages… I wrote and wrote entire notebooks of fiction, of adventures, of animals, of friendship. As I flip through the pages of those notebooks today, I am delighted by the fact that I was such a creative little creature! I cannot help but wonder… where did all this imagination go? For some reason, it’s been a pretty long time since I managed to write any sort of fiction.

little innamazing
Little innamazing

Just like every writer, I have my favorite masterpiece of creativity… the top of the top… the cherry on the cake. Therefore I have decided to share with you this story I wrote when I was eight years old… in Russian.

The Bear, Goat, and Naive Bug (Translated)

There once lived a bear, brown like chocolate, bright like a twinkle. He lived with his bear buddies, brothers and sisters. One sunny and casual morning, he woke up feeling like breakfast, as usual. He yawned and stretched until finally headed to the mountains to gather some fruits. Once at the mountain, in front of the bush with his favorite fruits, he encountered a goat. At first he ignored her, and continued with his business… that is, the fruits. Yet the goat did not hesitate to interrupt the bear as he was reaching out his paw toward a red fruit.

The bear exclaimed, “What is this? Why you dare interrupt the bear during his breakfast?” The goat calmly explained, “I am not interrupting, I am helping. I came to tell, you can’t eat those fruits! They are poisoned. I know this because I saw a big beast coming here at night and poisoning them – and if you eat one of those fruits, you will become a goat, just like me.”  The bear’s eyes widened and he took a second to think. His thoughts resulted in a scream, “YOU LIAR GOAT! You probably invented all of that just so you have more fruits for yourself!” Offended the goat replied, “No, I am saying the truth, big bear. If you want you can see for yourself – just eat one of the fruits!”

“I refuse to try, what if I do become a goat? I don’t want to risk my life…. Buuuutttt… it would be nice to find out which one of us is telling the truth, that is why I propose we find someone else to try it.” And the two set out on a search… they searched and searched, for a long time, days and days, until finally they found a small insect, a tiiiiny tiny bug, whom all his life wished to become a bigger creature. The goat and the bear were so happy they just couldn’t wait to see which one of them was right. However, to their surprise, they heard the bug ask, in a shy quiet voice… “But…. Whaaat will happen if I don’t like being a goat…. What if I want to be a bug again…?”

Frantically the bear came up with a lie to calm our tiny bug. He told her there was a unique magical plant in the south, which could make her become whoever she wants, including a little bug. When she heard this, she became really excited, and decided she no longer wanted to be a goat… but instead, a powerful lion, a brave tiger, or a furry cat. The brown bear was so busy coming up with a new plan to fool the bug that he didn’t notice when the goat ran away. Left alone with the bug, the bear said he would take her to the south, when in reality all they did was wander in circles around the same bush. They walked and walked, and when the bug tried the fruits no miracle happened. She didn’t become a lion, a tiger, and not even a furry cat!

Yet the goat was still right, because many years ago she had a bite of those same fruits, and went from being a white cow to an old goat. Without further ado, I believe she rushed to the south, to once again become a cow!


  1. After reading the first paragraph – and your beautiful story – of your post I reaffirm what I previously wrote to you about your gift of writting. I think that all the process which are involved in adulthood, and those ones involved in becoming an adult, usually constrain our natural faculties of free inspiration and creativity. So, we must learn and train how to reactivate that necessary and healthy naïvety which allow us to write, to paint, to photograph, to act, etc, together with our indispensable and requirable acquired wisdom and knowledge about life issues! Summarizing, that creative creature is (present tense!) you! :)
    Um beijo!

    1. Yes, you are so right! Guess we are all curious little kids on the inside :)
      “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” Leo Burnett :D

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