Introduction to Russian Music: Part 1

Good day, good day! So lately I’ve noticed that my blog has been lacking in terms of music.

y u no got russian music, meme
Internet meme, “Why you no got Russian music?”

Today I will introduce three Russian musicians… for all those interested. If you wish to find out about more, stay tuned, and sooner or later, in the blink of an eye, I will be publishing a Part 2 to this wonderful new addition to my blog.

So, today’s three lucky champs are:

Grigory Leps (Григорий Лепс)

Famous for his low, strong voice, Leps is a Russian singer and songwriter of Georgian origin. His music style combines soft rock and Russian chanson. Born in Sochi in 1962, Leps started conquering Russia with his unusual timbre and long-range vocals. In 1995, he released his first album, and the song Natali immediately became the audience’s favorite, placing Leps in the road leading to inevitable success. Today he is a very respected musician that will forever be in Russia’s heart.

Vyacheslav Butusov (Вячеслав Бутусов)

One of the most prominent Russian rock musicians, born in 1961, Vyacheslav gained his fame in the 80’s as the lead singer of ‘Nautilus Pompilius’ – a popular rock band from the Ural. The band broke down in 1997 and the last hopes of a reunion dissolved when the main songwriter and producer passed away. A few years later Vyacheslav founded his new ‘U-Piter’ band. Today, he continues his successful solo career, representing a classic rock band that used to be, but at the same time adding that very own, unique charisma, that Vyacheslav is so known for.

And now a more recent video:

Dima Bilan (Дима Билан)

Now we have Dima, whom you have possibly heard of. His popularity is a bit more recent than the earlier two musicians, also taking into account that he was born twenty years later. Bilan won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Believe, and up to this day continues recording numerous hits. This sex symbol from the North Caucasus is the most famous Russian pop singer owning millions of stolen hearts all around the world.

For today, I am putting a closure to my humble efforts of bringing you the highlights of Russia’s music. In the next post, you can learn about the ladies of our music industry.


    1. Vysotsky, yes! Although more than being a singer, he was considered to be a great poet, songwriter, and actor. His lyrics are most captivating.
      In this post, I reunited the musicians most known for their present-day career.

  1. Wonderful your initiative to blog about Russian music, Inna! Can not wait to see who are the female singers you’ll recommend to us ;)

        1. Not necessarily… hints of nostalgia can be found in Russian music, as well as in Western. Take Lana del Rey as an example! In my next post, I’ll make sure to post happier tunes ;)

  2. Enjoyed the post as well as the videos you included. My favourite among this lucky “trinity” – definitely Григорий Лепс. A personality and voice that can’t be not…noticed! :) One of my favourites is “Обернитесь” together with Валерий Меладзе.

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