Russia’s new citizen: Gerard Depardieu

Well, I know this may not be “breaking news” for some, but I still decided to blog about it… because I find it an extremely curious case. So, we all know, who Gerard Depardieu is… right?

Gerard Depardieu
This is young Gerard
Gerard Depardieu today
This is old Gerard

So what is this old Mr. Gerard Depardieu so happy about? I take it that he’s happy for his newly acquired Russian citizenship.

gerard depardieu rus passport

Here we have a photo of Gerard showing off his new, Bordeaux-colored Russian passport, which he received days earlier from President Vladimir Putin.

“I adore your country, Russia, your people, your history, your writers,” he wrote in a letter to Russian journalists, explaining his application for a Russian passport. “I adore your culture and your way of thinking. My father was a Communist in his time and he listened to Radio Moscow! That, too, is part of my culture.”

Making a long story short, Gerard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship to protest his country’s ridiculously high taxes. Francois Hollande, France’s new President, wanted to raise the country’s income tax on those making more than a million Euros a year to 75% from 41%. As a result, the French actor has decided to swap his French citizenship for a Russian one, due to Russia’s 13 percent tax rate – a heaven, indeed! This proves the fact that absolutely no one likes paying taxes… not even Gerard.

Once Gerard was made a happy Russian citizen, we started hearing stories that he actually wants to move there. This is getting even more and more interesting, right? Not too long ago, Depardieu announced of his decision to move to Russia where he’s planning to establish his new residence in the small village of Saransk, Republic of Mordovia. According to him, he prefers the calm countryside lifestyle. “It’s very beautiful here,” we hear him say upon his visit. When he arrived to Saransk, he was greeted with much happiness and love from the locals. In Russia, Gerard is very much respected by the people, therefore he couldn’t have chosen a better spot! Who wouldn’t like to be welcomed into their new homeland with such enthusiasm? Latest news from Saransk is that Gerard has already bought land for the construction of his house, and is determined to open a restaurant (he already owns several successful restaurants and wine bars in Paris).

His future plans consist of learning Russian, getting involved in agriculture, and even shooting a film in Chechnya! It would be interesting to follow Depardieu’s new life in Russia – so stay tuned.


And now… let’s toast for my new compatriot, Gerard Depardieu!

From Russia With Love


  1. Film in Chechnya! Exactly, financed by that crook president of Chechnya,who Depardieu is paid thousands to visit with Jean Claude Van Dam…he’s an awful man that Depardieu! But as always I enjoy your writing very much.

  2. I know.
    Remarkable power of insight too, I must add.
    Is that how you got freshly pressed? Is that all it takes?
    I’m kind of disappointed.

  3. I once admired Matryoshka dolls in a department store. I’ve also had Russian dressing on a salad and drank too much Vodka. I guess that makes Russia part of my culture too. It’s great when counties welcome people who don’t want to pay taxes, but who pays to build roads and schools? Who pays to maintain public parks and the sewer system?

    1. It’s really difficult to know if your comment is a serious one.
      Drinking Vodka makes Russia part of your culture too?
      Russian dressing?
      “Counties” welcoming taxpayers?
      Matryoshka dolls…at a department store.

      I don’t know what’s worse, that you think you understand Russian culture because of these things, or that you don’t know Russia is a first world country, with an excellent public transport system, and even parks, and roads.
      Ridiculous, I know.

      Please refer to

      You seem serious, so here are some numbers:
      While Russia’s GDP (Ranked upper 25% in the world), or GNI aren’t the highest ( GNI ranked 80th in the world, about upper half of countries listed by the World Bank), its still a a first world country.

      1. Not serious at all. See my blog to know how ridiculous I think these stereotypes are. I’ve hosted Russians in my home. Loved them like they were my own children. If you are offended by my comment, well, that’s sad.

        1. Well, kind of hard to tell, don’t you think?

          Next time, please, instead of posting comments like the aforementioned, realise that your comment is a representation of your own person, and that if someone doesn’t know you, they just might think you’re an idiot, and move on, instead of being corteous and kind like myself, and just letting you know, giving you a chance to prove you are not something of the likes.
          You might actually lose a whole lot of post views like that.

            1. If you say so.
              “Admired Matryoshka dolls at a department store”

              Nah, it’s ok, I’m good.
              Your stupidity made an impression on me.

              Don’t worry, it won’t be easily forgotten.

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