Heart of Moscow

Alright. This isn’t something I usually post in my blog… but this one time… just this one time… I HAD to. I recently discovered this wonderful blog called Heart of Moscow, so all the photo credits go to them. Thank you, Heart of Moscow, for presenting me with such marvelous vintage photographs, postcards, and paintings – where my home city shines as the protagonist.


  1. Well, you have a really good website! It is perfect concerning content and design! You know I want you to write on the russian part of Johntext.de . Please think about it! Hans

  2. Hi innamazing…
    how are you? Hope you are fine….
    Thanks a lot for the link to the “Heart of Moscow” on your page. I posted the link to Heart of Moscow on the russian part of Johntext. Unfortuneately I do not speak russian. So I had to post it in English.
    I also made a link to your website https://innamazing.wordpress.com You agree?
    Have a nice weekend…

  3. Hello, Inna! Thank you for bring “Heart of Moscow” to us, your readers – it is really amazing! ;)

          1. It’s great. O fato de conseguir compreender um idioma estrangeiro, seja qual este for, significa muito! ;)

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