My Top Six Russian Models

Just like any other girl, I am in love with beauty. Who doesn’t love beauty? For this post, I searched through dozens of Russian models to find my favorite six. Want to take a look?

Natalia Vodianova:

This year is number 3 on the Forbes top-earning models list. As a teenager, she helped her mother sell fruits in the market in order to make a living.

Irina Shayk:

Her exotic beauty is due to her Tatar father and Russian mother. She is mostly known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated.

Daria Zhemkova:

Is a new emerging model currently residing in New York.

Anna Selezneva:

In 2007 she was discovered in McDonald’s (Note to self: I should go more often to McDonald’s). Since then, her international career sprang.

Masha Novoselova:

Born in Tula, she has modelled for many different companies including Victoria’s Secret.

Valentina Zelyaeva:

Has a number of Vogue covers under her sleeve, as well as campaigns for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

Got a favorite? I would love to hear your comments, thank you.

From Russia With Love


  1. Hi! Wonderful post! To understand fashion is also to understand the beauty and the very special modeling aesthetical aspects regarding Russian models and other fashion world’s women which came from countries that were part of the former USSR…
    Oh, in contribution to your beautiful model list, I want to remark the name of a Russian model which I love: Vlada Roslyakova :)
    – F.
    PS: At my blog there are some posts displaying lots of russian models editorial photos. ;)

    1. Thank you – the pleasure is all mine. Yes, I’ve briefly visited your blog and found out it’s a true jewel! I enjoy everything that has to do with fashion, photograpy, design, so I’m really looking forward to following your stylish blog :)

      1. You’re welcome and thank you so much for your lovely compliment to my blog (I’m flattered!). Fashion photography is my passion and my blog is just a little and a personal expression of it ;) I also wanna thank you for follow me and hope you’ll like my forthcoming posts too…
        Many cheers,
        – F.

  2. Russians are definetely the most beautiful women in the world. From your list, Natalia Vodianova is my favorite! Did you know she already has 4 kids?!? Unbelieveble :-) Still in shape.

  3. Beauty – yes, and sensual too. I must add the qualities of the Russian women, because too often culture goes ”one way” in the media, with a assumption that US/GB have the most advanced culture and society, which we/they don’t. Here’s a small selection of what I love about Russian women:
    > no-one understands men like Russian women. No-one.
    > tolerance is a wonderful quality of Russian women, not a weakness.
    > inner strength against great odds, with a lovely ability to ‘bounce back’, and not wallow in misery.
    > a refusal to be defined by some of the more ‘cutting edge’ facets of modern feminism.
    > a style that is recognisable, always with attractive intellect.
    > gorgeous accent; the real one, not Hollywood one. The real one is tingling.
    > the rare ability to accept compliments.

    1. I will now employ my rare ability to accept compliments… so, thank you! You definitely know a lot about Russian women, I wonder where from! In my opinion ‘tolerance’ is one of the big ones, as well as ‘inner strength’. Thank you for your insightful comment, who knows maybe one day I will have to dedicate an entire post to Russian women (and your qualities will come in handy)!

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