Maslenitsa Kustodiev 1916


As some of you may know… this week it’s Maslenitsa Week in Russia (March 11th to March 17th). Originally a Slavic pagan tradition, Maslenitsa (derived from maslo, meaning butter or oil in Russian) is still celebrated today but with different purposes. During pagan times, it was a sun festival celebrating the imminent end of winter and welcoming of spring. However, throughout the years much of … Continue reading Maslenitsa

Gerard Depardieu

Russia’s new citizen: Gerard Depardieu

Well, I know this may not be “breaking news” for some, but I still decided to blog about it… because I find it an extremely curious case. So, we all know, who Gerard Depardieu is… right? So what is this old Mr. Gerard Depardieu so happy about? I take it that he’s happy for his newly acquired Russian citizenship. Here we have a photo of … Continue reading Russia’s new citizen: Gerard Depardieu

Fragments of the iron meteorite

Russian Meteors

Good day, dear readers. I’ve missed you *kisses&hugs*! Something has forced me to wake up from my winter hibernation and reunite with the blogosphere. It’s this meteor thing. Yeah, so let’s talk about it. On February 15th, what seemed to be a regular winter morning, soon became a world phenomenon and sensation as a meteorite streaked across the sky over Chelyabinsk before exploding with a … Continue reading Russian Meteors

Vera Brezhneva

Introduction to Russian Music: Part 2

Earlier, I had promised I would introduce some of the best ladies of our music industry (IMHO). Some got famous for talent, some for beauty, and others for both talent and beauty. That is why, I am inviting you to check out my five favorite Russian female singers in today’s music industry! Elka (Ёлка) Elka (Russian for pinetree) is a young singer at the top of her … Continue reading Introduction to Russian Music: Part 2


Introduction to Russian Music: Part 1

Good day, good day! So lately I’ve noticed that my blog has been lacking in terms of music. Today I will introduce three Russian musicians… for all those interested. If you wish to find out about more, stay tuned, and sooner or later, in the blink of an eye, I will be publishing a Part 2 to this wonderful new addition to my blog. So, … Continue reading Introduction to Russian Music: Part 1


New Year Russian Style!

Holidays are considered to be the most magical time of the year… a beautiful time to gather together and celebrate… celebrate happiness, love, prosperity, relationships. New Year’s is possibly the favorite holiday of all Russians, symbolizing the goodbye of the past year and the welcoming of a new one. In Russia we often say, “The way you spend New Year’s Eve is the way you … Continue reading New Year Russian Style!

little innamazing

When trees were huge and I was small

Today I woke up feeling nostalgic for all those stories I wrote as a little kid. Yes, I loved writing from my early ages… I wrote and wrote entire notebooks of fiction, of adventures, of animals, of friendship. As I flip through the pages of those notebooks today, I am delighted by the fact that I was such a creative little creature! I cannot help … Continue reading When trees were huge and I was small

Queen of the gypsies

Queen of the Gypsies

It is quite impossible to imagine Russia without Gypsies in their bright flowery clothes, with their passionate songs and sizzling dances. A symbol of nomadic life, these bright individuals became characters of many Russian writers, including Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy. Pushkin was one of the first to introduce and popularize the Gypsy culture among the educated people. His poem titled The Gypsies became a fine representation … Continue reading Queen of the Gypsies

auto big-eared zaporozhets

Rolling In Style

The Soviet Union was manufacturing cars from its earliest days. The first of them was Pobeda (Victory in English), a much respected car made after World War II. Today, the streets of Russia are flooded with some of the best foreign automobile brands. Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? Don’t worry, I will make sure to fill out the missing information. Named in honor of … Continue reading Rolling In Style

Ivan Rebroff

Where art thou, my muse?

Dear readers, I have been receiving complaints of my blogging unproductiveness.. but what do you write about when your muse is missing?!? Her lacking presence seems to have left me dried. I’ve got things to write about, but I don’t feel like it, I have a particular difficulty of spitting out words and forming sentences. A problem, indeed. Well, what is it that a writer … Continue reading Where art thou, my muse?

russian blue cat

Cats here, cats there

The Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, has a staff of hundreds of specialists, in painting, sculpture, history. But in the lower levels of the museum, there are specialists of a different kind… the four-legged kind. Cats have been working for the museum since the 18th century. The drafty hallways of the palace of the time were being overrun by rats and mice. As a solution, … Continue reading Cats here, cats there

red folk dance

Weekly Writing Challenge: Russian Red

Recently I have discovered a very lovely Spanish Indie singer called Russian Red, who served as an inspiration for this post. I must also add that I absolutely fell in love with her last album Fuerteventura. You may wonder why she chose her artistic name to be Russian Red, when in fact she has nothing to do with Russia. Well, the explanation is real simple. Russian … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Russian Red

Vasnetsov - Ivan Tsarevitch riding the Grey Wolf (1889)

Gzhel and Ivan Tsarevitch

Many times have I heard people calling matryoshka dolls babushkas. Thing is that, matryoshkas are matryoshkas… they’re not babushkas (grandma in Russian). People may not know its correct name, but they DO know that it’s the most famous Russian souvenir. Ah, matryoshka dolls, who doesn’t wish to buy one when traveling to Russia? It’s definitely a must-buy for every foreign tourist. Sadly, it is my duty to inform … Continue reading Gzhel and Ivan Tsarevitch

borat still

…Some Thoughts on Borat

Last night, I was invited to a very chic movie night with my boyfriend. It was decided we would watch an epic classic of the past decade “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” due to the fact that some of us haven’t seen this masterpiece of cinematography (more specifically, the lovely host). I took this occasion to refresh my … Continue reading …Some Thoughts on Borat