Infinite Yellow

A day without you,
Is like an eternity,
Without sunshine.

I am passionate about sunflowers. They bring me happiness for some reason. I think it’s the color; it must be the color. In Eastern Europe, everywhere you look are sunflower fields dotting the landscape in yellow, my favorite color.

I want to get lost in the infinite yellow,
In the sea of gold and green,
Eternal sunshine of the soul.

Eastern Europe is home to some of the most majestic sunflower fields in the world. You can travel through hours of cornfields, wheat fields, and sunflower fields while passing land that appears to be inhabited by no one in particular. Looking out into the landscape, this is no doubt a breathtaking sight.

I want to run away,
And dance among them giants,
Rising towards the sun,
Standing tall above the ground.

Sunflowers seem so happy and alive, that I am simply overwhelmed by their optimism. I feel like I belong among them… yes, that is where I belong, somewhere among the sunflowers. To me, it represents a heaven-like place, somewhere I can wander to at night, in my dreams, when I’m lonesome and blue. Even the Aztecs worshipped them and had their princesses crowned with these bright yellow flowers!

Hot in the sun,
Frolic in the wind,
And sway,
In the cool breeze.

I remember seeing fields of gold back in Russia. They were introduced in the 18th century by Peter the Great and since then… well, they have become pretty widespread. Fields can be found in many regions of the South, such as Adyghe, as well as numerous other places. What is yet more widespread are sunflower seeds, which have become the favorite snack of many Russians.

A million soldiers,
Just trying to reach,
Higher for the sun, sun, sun.

‘Cause if you look,
Towards the sunshine,
You cannot see,
The shadow…


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